Thank you to everybody for making the 2020 Klamath World Migratory Bird Day online event a success! Despite the challenges posed by the Covid 19 crisis. The refuge would like to thank you and our community partners for making the event successful. While no new content will be posted after Friday June 5th, the website will be up and running for your enjoyment through the summer.


Educational fun for kids of all ages!

World Migratory Bird Day in Klamath Falls is all about connecting families to nature through the wonder of birds. U.S. Fish and Wildlife in collaboration with community partners come together every year to provide a whole "nest" of activities about the importance of birds in and outside of the Klamath Basin. From finches in the backyard to geese in flight, birds connect our world. 

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Featured Weekly Activities 

Here are a some local organizations with online activities.
Click on their logo to see what they can offer. 

Birding in Siskiyou

The Discover Siskiyou Podcast is locally produced, and showcases the best that Siskiyou County, California, has to offer. This episode is all about birding and features a short interview with Justin Fowler, the Environmental Education Specialist at the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge!

Bird Beak Adaptations

Join the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge's Education Specialist, Justin Fowler, as he goes over different types of bird beak adaptations and how they help birds live in their habitat!

*Correction at 4:42, I meant to say macro, not micro, organisms. macro-organisms are organisms you can see, like insect larva. Micro-organisms are invisible to the naked eye. :) - Justin Fowler 

Busy Bees!

Staff at Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery in Washington State take their lesson on pollinators virtual to share some fascinating information about the small but mighty species we depend on for things like bananas, nuts, and coffee!

These Feet Were Made For Eating!

Learn all about raptor feet in this educational video from Badger Run Wildlife Rehab!

Wildly Fun Webinars

Our partners  are making free, fun webinars available for all families. Environment for the Americans has story time that focuses on topics related to WMBD, Audubon California has a webinar series about birding, and Wildlife Habitat Council has a webinar about pollinators. Check out their websites to find out more!
WildlifeHabitatCouncil Logo.jpg

Let's get Batty! 

Bats also connect our world through pollination, fertilization, and migrating all over the world.
Become a friend of bats by making a bat house!
Bat house create a safe temporary home for Bats that are flying though.
Our friends at Lava Beds NM and Bat Conservation International have great ideas for bat homes.

A little song and dance 

Here are a songs from a local  singer:
  Bonnie Hays! 
Leatherwing BatBonnie Hays
00:00 / 02:03
Colors of the WindBonnie Hays
00:00 / 03:35
El Condor PasaBonnie Hays
00:00 / 02:28

Want to be a Bird Song Hero?! Try out this game from our friends as CornellLab and see if you got what it takes! 

Than take your skills outside to Listen to real bird songs!


Dudley, the Great Horned Owl

has something to say! 


Click on the Owl to find out

what all the hoot is about!

Great Egret (a) .gif
I wonder what a Bird Opera
sounds like?
Click on me to find out!


Looking for a digital page turner? The Klamath County Library has pre-recorded story times to enjoy with your family!

Klamath County Library.jpg

Take your learning outside with Klamath Outdoor Science School (KOSS) and Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders (SOREEL) watch their videos to better understand nature.


Watch a video from our Friends at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge:

Click on the picture below 

Here is some paperwork that the whole family can enjoy! Create origami birds with these simple instructions from OrigamiDesigns 

origami page.jpg



back for




Home Activities 

Wings n' Things

The Klamath Wingwatchers invite you to learn about bird anatomy with this fun and simple game. Download includes activity sheet, answer guide, and instructions. Feel free to color in your bird when you are done!

Bird is the Word!

Who doesn't love a good cross-word puzzle? Try to find all the birds that frequent Klamath Falls! Look up any birds you aren't familiar with to expand your knowledge of birds in the Basin! 

Bee-happy Hotel

Did you know that bees are important to birds? Bees help plants grow by pollinating them. Healthy plants lead to healthy habitats for birds and other animals. The Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association has provided instructions on how to make a bee hotel that you can use to improve the habitat of your own garden! 

Become a Refuge Ranger!

 Become a Junior Refuge Ranger and friend of the animals by completing this activity book! Learn cool critter facts, what a habitat is, why birds migrate, and more! You can print out this book and mail in the completed pages to get a certificate and Junior Refuge Ranger badge!

(Look in the book for more information). 

Mystery of Migration

Migration can be a mysterious thing, almost as mysterious as this cryptogram puzzle! Solve the puzzle and reveal a message that tells you how you can help migrating birds on their journey!

More to come! 

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